Monday, October 17, 2011

Hidden message

Only when you start shaking your head and saying NO to cigarettes, you will realize how dangerous cigarettes and secondhand smoke are.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Testimonial from Taiwan

It's a great honor for Green Lung to be invited to conduct a Tobacco Control Workshop in conjunction with 10th Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium in Jogyakarta, Indonesia in last July 2011.

More than 40 participants from various regions in Asia Pacific including Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand etc had joined us in the workshop. The workshop aimed to share and raise the awareness of the tobacco-free environment.

This was indeed a great experience for Green Lung to be able to spread our messages across the borders to reach more and more communities not only in Malaysia but also the neighboring regions.

We strongly believe that having tobacco-free environment is not merely a dream if one day everyone starts talking about it.

Again we would like to stress that we do not dislike smokers, we just disagree with their acts. We try our best to help them as they fell prey to the NASTY cigarettes.

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