Friday, December 25, 2009

Sponsorship and Exhibition

The Green Lung Carnival (GLC2010) is being held at Universiti Sains Malaysia main campus, Penang, Malaysia from 23 to 25 February 2010
Green Lung Carnival 2010

More than 500 people are expected to join this exciting event including University students, secondary students and public.
1) To introduce Green Lung as a Student Voluntary Group for Tobacco Control in Malaysia.
2) To officially launch Green Lung project in USM campus as well as in the local community.
3) To disseminate information regarding hazards of tobacco and importance of having a tobacco-free environment to the public.
4) To involve the public actively in tobacco control campaign.
5) To share our vision and missions in tobacco control with the people around us.

GLC 2010 welcome all relevant parties that are interested in supporting the event through sponsorship or participating in commercial or non-profit exhibition that acts as hub of the event.

To discuss the opportunities and confirm your organization's or company's involvement, please contact Ms. Ang @ OR

Don't miss the opportunity to join one of the premier student-led tobacco control events in Malaysia and contribute your parts in smoke-free initiatives.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Green Lung Carnival 2010

Green Lung Carnival 2010
Green Lung Carnival 2010 aka GLC 2010
Date: 23th – 25th February 2010
Venue: USM main campus
Time: from 9am to 5pm

  1. To introduce Green Lung as a Student Voluntary Group for Tobacco Control.
  2. To officially launch Green Lung project.
  3. To disseminate information regarding hazards of tobacco and importance of having a tobacco-free environment to the public.
  4. To involve the public actively in tobacco control campaign.
  5. To share our vision and missions with all the people around us.
  1. Launching ceremony
  2. Roadshow (Free Screening Test)
  3. Games and Quizzes (Fun games and great prizes awaiting you)
  4. Parliamentary debate (By invitation only)
  5. Chorus Speaking competition (Open to all secondary schools in Penang) 
  6. Forum "The fundamental obstacles hindering the full implementation of smoke-free areas and the future challenges to achieve a smoke-free environment in Malaysia"

What's more appealing is that...
we have a total grand prize of RM8000 awaiting you!

In conjunction with GLC 2010, Green Lung offers the chance to show your talents and your CREATIVITY!
  1. Poster designing competition,
  2. Video making competition and
  3. Song composing competition.
All the competitions are open to all MALAYSIANS.
Boys, and girls, grab all the prizes worth total of RM8000 if you can!!

Download here the
Entry Form and Rules & Regulations

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See you in GLC 2010!!
Here's the ticket to GLC 2010. Grab one!
GLC Express Ticket (Front)
GLC Express Ticket (Back)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Green Lung Internal Training 2009

No matter you are one of the participants...or
you miss this workshop or...
you are just a pass-by here...
The only thing you should do now SCROLL DOWN your mouse and continue reading.

Green Lung Internal Training; Duration: 41 hours
Welcoming speech by the President
Followed by introduction speech
from Vice President
Support a Tobacco FREE Environment! Hye-yeah, don't play-play.
Fight Tobacco!
Workshop tag
Who they were listening to?
Tobacco Advocate by Prof Rahmat

Management of Tobacco Use and Dependence by
Pn. Nur Afni

Nice setting and environment
After 12 hours, getting into Day 2: Screening Practices
The participants were exposed to various screening counters using marketplace method. All of us were taught the correct technique to use peak flow meter, CO tester, conduct Fagestrom Test, and learn the principle of SidePak.
Hopefully...We could help more people to lead a healthy life with our equipped knowledge...
Peak flow meter. Blow, Forrest, blow.
CO tester to see CO concentration in your
bloodstream. Higher CO level indicates that you inhale
more smoke
SidePak. Help inspect the indoor
air quality
En. Salehin explained us how to use SidePak.
Highlight of the day: Adventure begins.
Each group would go around USM campus to approach smokers...
Action 1: Provide them advice and info and encourage them to quit smoking.
Action 2: Distribute out our leaflets to them. Let them know the help available including quit smoking clinics and smoking cessation hotline.
Action 3: Collect cigarettes from them to show that they are READY to quit smoking.
Greenlungers talking to a senior at medan selera
Some interesting dialogues quoted from the public:

  • "I know smoking harms. But now I'm okay. I'll stop only when my body is not okay."
  • "Secondhand smoke is harmful, I know. That's why I choose to harm others rather than my own children."
  • "Uncle, can you donate a cigarette to us to show your determination to quit smoking?" "You ask my tauke first."
Scene behind

Approaching the public

Wow, face-to-face interview huh?

"Hello sir, may I..."
The cigarette we had collected with hope that they could really quit one day.
Wow, fantastic!
Another highlight of the day: FUN RUN
The most exciting event in this workshop

In conjunction with International
Penang Bridge Run...

There is a saying: GL-er seems like gila-er
Well,check it out here. You will know how gila-er acted then.
Ready for the marathon. 10km run.
One photo at starting point.
How passionate are Greenlungers? Watch this.
Blending ourselves within the crowd.
We're about to act crazily.
Green Lung on the Bridge!

You must not miss this! Green Lung Formation on the Penang Bridge.


Hey kid, wanna join us?
Our slogan in English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil, Hokkien, Cantonese, Japanese and Korea.
After the run, exhausted we were.
Food seemed refresh them. Say cheese!
Candid camera.
At last here's our closing ceremony to call the day off.
Closing ceremony of GLIT
Green Lung rocks!
The ceremony ended with...
"How do you feel today?"
See you in the next Green Lung activity.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

USM Freeze!

Are you expecting another Freeze! ?

Here's a poll to find out the place you prefer to have Freeze!
(If none of the places is your choice, suggest us one!)
If the responses are good, we'll be loving to have another more exciting Freeze! in larger scale perhaps outside USM! (Yeah!!!!)

Here's some photos of USM Freeze! to quench your thirst...while I'm still looking for some experts to edit the videos (anyone can offer help? they're in .MTS format...What kinda format is that O.O)

USM Freeze! @ 30 September 2009

Let the pictures tell you the story

Briefing to the agents
The agents were anticipating the moment
More agents queued up waiting for the moment
It's time. Let's move!
Walking to the spot
Agents were dispersed around the spot
View of the spot
More agent swam into the pool
Get yourself in position
Media was waiting for the moment to happen
USM Freeze!
What a huge impact seeing 150 people froze at the same time

Some close-ups
Some posers. They looked unprepared. Hehe
4 minutes holding that was not easy. Haha

The girl was smart leaning against the pile

These girls were even smart. Sitting. =.=
Awesome pic showing the moving background
More agents on the other side. Here seemed more prepared.
This looked unnatural, didn't he? Haha
Walking lady gave the contrast

Bird view of the overall scene
The story ended with "Say NO! to smoking"

Looking for more Freeze! ??