Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh~ Lolli"POP" GLee ^^

DK Y – School of Pharmacy

15 January 2011
from 10am to 5pm 

Lolli“POP” GLee- Dare to be Different!

Who can join?
Anyone who wants to make a difference...let's "POP" out ourselves!!!

Why should I join?
•          Exciting games await you
•          MyCSD points for you
•          Free lunch
•          A certificate to decorate your cert album
•          An opportunity to have an enthralling experience
•          Something new to learn

Do you need to pay?
No. It's FOC for all! Yippee!

If I want to join, how?
Contact any of our EXCOS or GLOC members.
You can also register on that day as well.

See you there!

For further information, please kindly contact:
Khoon Hup        017-463 2204
Ee Wen             012-488 5385

~Show us your COLOUR

1. Will I get unit desa?
Yes, your MyCSD point will later be converted to be your unit desa.

2. What is so important about this "change" and "be different" thing?
Nowadays, the competition is high for everybody and by being different, you get yourself a bonus compared to others. Many famous personalities made their way to success because they dare to be different from others. What improvement we will get if everybody always stays the same and not dare to put themselves into challenge?

3. So, what exactly is Lolli"POP" GLee all about?
It is about sharing, motivating, inspiring and certainly lots of fun! You get to learn how to "POP" out yourself, stimulate your creativity and learn things that you will need both in your academic life and future! Add some colours to your life~

4. Any special guests?
Definitely, though not the real BIG BANG but they are BIG BANGS in USM too. One of them is our beloved Prof Lee Lik Meng.We also invite Ooi Yuan Shyong, a grand master: