Thursday, March 18, 2010

Memory of Green Lung Executive Council 2009/10

Freshly in our mind, i suppose, the first day we held our offices,
The first question we asked, "What should we do?"
the offices were empty; no files; no records.
yeah, we began from zero!
But we share a vision.
and it's the vision that drove us together to accomplish a mission.
We couldn't say we are hero today,
yet not a single one of us would expect to see where we are standing today.

the path was once vague and from time to time, we redefine ourselves throughout the way.
We cheered for every success we'd made;
We stood up together against every obstacle we'd faced.
And what'd left with us today is the memory we'd gained.

We worked, we played and
We'd gone through the crazy stuffs together.
Finally today it's our day to let go the chair and sit on the bench.

Cheer for the new blood,
and wish them all the best.
with their passion and commitment,
I'm sure they will somehow create the change!
even though we are not in the place,
we still have our roles to play.
support them and cherish them.
Green Lung is always our home that we gather and share our joy and pain.

By Rhuyann

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Unlock the secret formula

According to 15-min Resume
The top 10 qualities that employers look for are:
1. Excellent Communication Skills
2. Integrity and Honesty
3. Teamwork Skills
4. Interpersonal Skills
5. A Strong Work Ethic
6. Motivation and Initiative
7. Flexible and Adaptable
8. Analytical Skills
9. Computer Skills
10. Organizational Skills

Again from
1. Communication skills
2. Analytical Skills
3. Interpersonal Skills
4. Flexibility and Adaptability
5. Leadership and Management skills
6. Planning and Organizing
7. Problem-solving Skills and Creativity
8. Teamwork
9. Multicultural Sensitivity
10.Computer Skills

Employability skill and personal are critical tools and traits you need to succeed in workplace. And all these skills you can learn, cultivate and develop throughout your whole life. How? You learn when you put them in action! Don't wait until the time when you need them or else it'd be too late.

If there is an opportunity for you to learn all these, are you willing to grab it?

And yes, now USM Green Lung is offering you the key.
Our Executive Council (EC)'s tenure is about to end.
We need the new blood.
You are definitely the ones we are looking for.

1st Annual General Meeting of Green Lung
Date: 15th March 2010
Venue: DK X, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, USM
Time: 8pm to 10.30pm

1) President
2) Vice President
3) Secretary
4) Financial Officer
5) Public Relation Officer
6) Human Resource Officer
7) Officer of Education

1) If I don't have experience/skill, can I run for the office?
ANS: Definitely! We're offering you the opportunity to learn.

2) I only have 24 hours per day, am I able to cope with my studies?
ANS: It's a good chance for you to learn how to manage your time and put things in proper priority. You can learn this nowhere but experience.

3) I don't think all these qualities are necessary in my life.
ANS: Yes, these are definitely not important to you if you were in a deserted island.

4) I'm not a good leader. People might question me.
ANS: No one is born to be a leader. If you remain at where you are, then you will be forever to be who you are. Take up the challenge!

5) I don't like to manage society's affairs. They are so boring!
ANS: Yeah, they are boring but not in Green Lung! ^^

6) How to apply if I'm interested?
ANS: Look to your right! You could download the nomination form from the link. After completing the form, send back to us (

7) If I'm interested in other offices like Publicity and Inspection Team, what should I do?
ANS: Same as the ANS for #6. But the appointment will be only done after the new EC is elected.

So, are you ready to unlock the secret formula?