Friday, February 25, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Revealing Green Lung SayWhat 2011

The first ever Youth Tobacco Control Conference and Carnival organized by Green Lung in collaboration with the Clearinghouse for Smoke-free Melaka in World Heritage City - Melaka!
This time we are to sidetrack from the orthodox image of anti-tobacco campaign.
We are talking no more about smoking cessation (whereby we believe more people can do much more better than us), but about the interest of the majority - non-smokers.

It's not surprising to know that 1 out of 5 people in the world is a smoker, but what we are more concerned with is the fact that if one smokes around 4 non-smokers, 5 of them experience the similar disastrous effects from sinful cigarettes.

But what do we normally do when someone smokes around us? Stay silent. Take it as if nothing happens?
Normal reactions i suppose.

Now this is the issue.
We (non-smokers) share the common air space with the smokers. When they claim their rights to smoke in the public places, we should be the ones who stand up for our rights!
3 simple steps you could do to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  1. Stay away from the smokers when they smoke.
    We do not discriminate them, it should always be our instinct to protect ourselves
  2. Ask the smokers not to smoke in front of you in a polite way.
    They would be more than willing to accept your idea if you talk in the right way.
  3. Spread and share this with your friends
    i.e. share this note and suggest the page to your friends. So that when you act, you are not alone. And believe me or not, you would see the difference.
If you wish to do more, join our upcoming event - SayWhat 2011
  • Date: 31st May - 5th June 2011 in conjunction with World No Tobacco Day
  • Venue: UiTM Bandaraya Melaka and Dataran Pahlawan
Talks, Workshops, Melaka Rush, Social Events, Carnival, Exhibition and Games, Water Battle, Mini campaign and many more exciting programs that you will never expect from a tobacco control group.
Reason? We want the messages to reach out to you.

Besides learning from the experienced speakers, you have the chance to interact with motivated youths not only from Malaysia itself but overseas too.