Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

National Symposium of Health Promotion Malaysia 2010 afterword

A total of 3 representatives from Green Lung had attended the event held at the auditorium of HUKM in Cheras on the 27th to 28th November 2010.
On the 28th November, our Green Lung President, Mr Koay Khang Siean had presented about Green Lung and we are proud to say that his presentation had actually sparked off much interest and attention among the audiences. We had gained a lot of positive feedbacks from some other NGOs leaders.
Instead of stressing on "ANTI-tobacco", Green Lung emphasizes on positive influences by creating a sustained effort in promoting a SMOKE-FREE environment. The positive image we're proposing has also gained some positive feedback from leaders of other NGOs.
This event has indeed been an eye-opener for Green Lung and Green Lung is definitely looking forward towards future collaborations with both government agencies and also the NGOs in effort of fighting for a smoke-free environment.
In Green Lung, we believe that even a little effort can create a huge change. A little support from each of us is able to make a great transformation.
Together, we can make the environment greener and smoke-free!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Green Lung in Korea!

Green Lung's in Soul of Asia - KOREA!
Twice the brand of Green Lung had been presented to the world community in Seoul.

8th Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS), July 2010

APPS is the most prestigious event of IPSF-APRO gathering more than 150 pharmacy students from various countries in Asia Pacific region including S.Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand etc. This was also the second time where IPSF-APRO met Green Lung officially since Green Lung Carnival in February this year.
I'd been given a slot to present Green Lung to the participants. The presentation I suppose turned out great. A few representatives from Indonesia, India and Japan did approach me and showed their interest in working with Green Lung in the future.
Greeting from Korean APPS Reception Committee
Korea Traditional Dance
Dongdae-mun at night
Gesturing the upcoming collaboration between IPSF-APRO
and Green Lung. (From left) Melissa Hong, the chairperson
of IPSF-APRO and Rhu Yann, the immediate past president
of Green Lung

4th Global Conference for Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC), October 2010
AFHC is an international summit, in which over 2200 participants representing 91 cities and organizations from 17 countries converged at COEX to discuss on eight key topics including building healthier cities, such as ubiquitous healthy cities, health impact assessment and healthy settings.

4th Global Conference of AFHC 2010
COEX Intercontinental Hotel, COEX, gangnam-gu, Seoul
Green Lung had participated in the poster session under the category "Healthy setting". For your information, most of the participants are city planners, municipal officers, lecturers, researchers etc. And guess what, we are the only student representatives attending the conference. We were to highlight the roles of youths in supporting and creating a healthy environment. Youths could play their parts.
Registration counter
AFHC Exhibition Site
Green Lung Poster. (From Right) Dato' Prof Omar Osman,
Deputy Vice Chancellor of BHEPP USM, Khang Siean,
President of USM Green Lung, Rhu Yann, immediate-past
president of USM Green Lung.
Various poster participation from different countries
Grand Dinner of AFHC, COEX 
The famous Nanta performance during the dinner
These events were indeed an awesome exposure for Green Lung especially to promote our philosophy and ideology to the world. We are looking forwards to more exciting events in the near future!

Next - Smoke-Free Malacca ft. Green Lung 2011 in the progress.

Written by Rhuyann