Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birth of Green Lung

GREEN LUNG: " Hi, everyone!! Nice to meet you ~ I suppose now most of you have known who I am, right? I think you must be interested to know where and when I was brought about in USM."
Ladies and gentlemen, here how the story goes.

Prof. Rahmat from Pusat Racun Negara (PRN) :" We can have a student voluntary group to campaign for this issue (to support a smoke free environment in USM)."
Dedicated Green Lung member 1:" Yeah, it's a good idea!! We hope to have a smoke-free USM."
Few days later, surprisingly there was a LARGE number of pharmacy students who are so passionate towards this programme.
40 voluntary members were chosen.
Capacity Building Workshop: Creating Tobacco
Control Youth Leaders among the Undergraduate
Students Phase I funded by WHO.
After few discussions with PRN, Capacity Building Workshop was organized to create tobacco control youth leaders, funded by World Health Organization.
At Lenggong, Perak
Each group designed their own flags using limited natural resources around the campsite. Creative!
3 Hill
Green Lung
This logo is the ancestor of today's logo.
Wit Hat - Group discussion
Our duty rooster
See the river. This was where we were going to
have our fun there. Sungai Perak.
Our chalets.
"Argh~Here I come!"
Got tangled. Too bad.
"Wei, don't push-lah"
Flying fox track across Sungai Perak
Awful Bohria dance. This was so wrong, man!
This was the most awesome part - rafting.
Weird, where's their raft? Oh no, they're sinking.
Last meal in Lenggong
Ikan bakar fresh from Sungai Perak.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Continued Effort

Pictures say thousands words

Our booth at Tapak Convo
Officially introducing you our logo
Green Lung logo
you'll expect to see anywhere in USM campus soon

Let's take a tour around our booth
Two handsome greenlungers welcomed you
Gong of Death
The figures show the statistical number of deaths happening around the world.
Not past tense, but it's present tense and will be continuous tense and future tense.
We've so freaked out when there are people dying from H1N1,
however when talking about smoking, no one seems to be concerned with this issue.
- ONE death every SIX seconds -

Next you will see this - Signature Campaign. How people hunger for a tobacco-free environment

People signed showing their support
Candid shot.
Overall looking at Green Lung booth
At the booth, you will see a lot of display items and posters meant to educate the public in a more tangible and layman's way.

The chemicals within a single cigarette
Contents inside a cigarette. 4000 chemicals. more than 60 of them are carcinogenic and could cause cancers

Some cases by the big tobacco companies to
cover up the health warning label on cigarette
packs. Big Tobacco Co. tactics.
Cigarette is the last thing you
would put into your mouth
Greenlunger always at your service to explain you
Some streamers showing useful info
Explore the secrets of cigarette
Promotional and educational
USM Deputy Vice Chancellor paid us a visit.
This was the moment where Green Lung gained
great support from USM BHEPP.
We have other interesting activities too
Firstly, FREE screening test for smokers

"Please register yourself first before we proceed"
Carbon Monoxide Test to see your CO level
within your bloodstream. Blow hard!
Next, your peak flow rate to see how strong your
lung is still.
Besides, the public showed their supports through petition
"Please sign to show your support"
Children are enjoying their wonderful time too.
He looked puzzled looking at
the puzzle.
Supports from the smokers themselves too. Most of them would like to stop, but the addiction sometimes out balance their determination.
Cigarette collecting box
And NOW we declare war against cigarettes
"Away from me, Ciggy!"
So what are you waiting for? Come and join us. Contribute your part to make our world a better world without smoke!

Join us today!
Leave us your comments with your email address and we shall get back to you
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Step Today

After 4 months of efforts and hard works,
Finally we've taken our very first step in pursuit of a 100% tobacco-free environment in USM:
"2009 Green Lung Awareness Campaign"
Venue: Convocation Exhibition Site, Eureka, USM
Date: 11th - 16th August 2009
Time: 9am - 5pm

We are to tell the whole USM that our campus is an absolute smoke-free zone. No exception.

Our official kick-start of Green Lung's Project.

Officiated by Vice Chancellor of USM, Prof. Tan Sri Dato' Dzulkifli Abd Razak

Former director of National Poison Centre, Prof Rahmat signed a petition against tobacco

(p/s: Green Lung Project is under the guidance of Clearinghouse for Tobacco Control (C-TOB), National Poison Centre aka PRN)

Prof. Rahmat struck on the "Gong of Death" - one death every 6 seconds due to smoking in the world.
(p/s: We strike every 10 minutes, meaning to say that there are 100 people died because of smoking every 10 minutes...Sad)

Green Lung's members with VC and mentors from PRN

We are now dealing with social change.
Our effort won't just stop here.
Therefore, we look for more volunteers to be part of us.

Green Lung's Recruitment
Who are we looking for?
1) Non-smokers who hate smoking
2) Non-smokers who are passionate in transforming USM into a smoke-free campus
3) Non-smokers who think that they need to contribute their parts for tomorrow's betterment
4) Non-smokers who wish to be part of the history
5) Non-smokers who are talented in all kind of fields (Event management, web design, advertising, human resource management, writing etc.)

You may ask, "Why should I join?"
1) Training programs provided, training you to be more convincing while advocating our cause.
2) A wonderful experience working with a bunch of people with common interest and professional organizations such as PRN.
3) An marvelous exposure to tobacco control related issues and knowledge.
4) We share the glory together
5) Green Lung's membership given
5) Most importantly, the campus belongs to us, so we must do something!
In return, as an appreciation, you'll be rewarded a Green Lung T-shirt and certificates.

So, what are you waiting for?
Sign up yourself now as a Green Lung member at our booth throughout the campaign
or you can drop us an email anytime at

Butterfly's effect is about to happen.
Stay tuned for more interesting activities from Green Lung

Support a tobacco-free environment - Green Lung