Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Green Lung Capacity Building Workshop 2010

Green Lung Capacity Building Workshop
Date: 23.07.2010-25.07.2010
Venue: Chalet Nelayan, Teluk Bahang, Pulau Pinang
A great workshop with great rooms (^0^), great beach view, great activities, great learning, and great companions!
What're they staring at? They looked blank.

Green Lung World Cafe

An awesome fishing village to have our workshop

Great view to sensitize our cells

We had talks on tobacco issues, VIPP learning program, and World Cafe. We were also exposed to the 12-step design.
Green Lung World Cafe's ongoing
Brainstorming session using VIPP method
What happened to the president?

Morning Exercise to unfold a wonderful morning
Ice breaking - Guess what's on my forehead?
Our youthful participants!

The highlight of the workshop would be the jungle trekking in Taman Negara, Yipee!
"Hey folks, follow me"
"This is where the treasure lies..."
On the path
Crossing the bridge
Ranger's explaining the tree to us

"We're still far away from the exit..."
Having fun she was
Say cheese!
"I'm sure that this is the way"
"Let's go then"

Take some rest before going

Old men could not walk already, needed to rest
Girls were posing
Entrance to Canopy walk
"Hurry up, I see the light"
"Yeah, here we are"
Greeting to the monkeys!

When night fell, we had our group presentations....
Posing after presentation
"Blah blah blah...blah blah blah blah"
Joking? everyone's laughing.
"I think this should be the strategy"
They looked pro

SO, what did the participant say?

Green Lung Capacity Building Workshop's simply awesome! Great!

P/s: In this workshop we had successfully recruited new members and established our Green Lung Youth Club - Green Lung Octopus Club!

Green Lung is so much fun and beneficial. Why not join us today in our movement to support a tobacco-free environment?

Sunday, September 12, 2010


is a cause for many cardiovascular diseases.
is a CANCER-causing agent - a major factor for lung cancer and respiratory diseases
is a gate-way Drug - an addictive drug

For a Youth, 
Tobacco is an implicit-change-agent for an explicit-tilt towards
Alcohol, Drugs and HIV/AIDS.

Today's YOUTHs are tomorrow's pillars of the world!

Thus it is certainly our bounden duty to create a 


Almost all Alcoholics are Smokers.
Almost all Drug-abusers are either Alcoholics or Smokers.
Almost all HIV-AIDS carriers are either Drug-abusers or Alcoholics or Smokers.

Tobacco is the stepping-stone to the world of ALCOHOLDRUG ABUSE and HIV-AIDS!

By creating a tobacco-free society, we could build a
Alcohol-free, drugs-free, HIV/AIDS-free global society 
a healthy tomorrow for all of us!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I love Green Lung

I love Green Lung. I love smoke-free environment.

Uncle loves Green Lung
Officer loves Green Lung
Kid loves Green Lung
Pretty loves Green Lung
GL Exec loves Green Lung
Couple loves Green Lung
Boys love Green Lung
Girls love Green Lung
Handsome loves Green Lung
Alim (GLOC Master)
Atiqah (GLOC Master)
Thanks GLOC and Green Lung
They love Green Lung. How about you?